cinema, church, memorial, confession room, galley, canvas, pavilion

weather you are sad or just bored

hole, dome

adult playground inspired from kids


allow for all background to relate

welcoming and embracing all stories


My project addresses the issue of stress, depression, and self injuring in young adults.

These issues are explored in “Six Reasons Why People Self-Injure”, “Teen Cutting“, and “But Dad!“. Further Research is done on the statistics on teen stress and depression.

I intend to explore this through the concept of a space in between – allowing a void for individual subjective interpretation.

Just like in Sully, we all need a little time and space in between to deal with contingent events and feelings in our lives.


By providing this void for users to fill in with their own experience, it allows the space to be extremely embracive for both emotions (upset, bored, tired, angry, etc,) and religions (Buddhism, Muslim, Jewish, Christianity, etc.

A similar idea is explored in the 911 Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial as well as the Floating pavilion. These projects are important to my thesis because in one way or an other they all employed the same concept in their design, by including a void in their design they gave the possibility for the scope of their designed space to be enlarged every time a new user comes into the space, as they will alter the space with their experience, their emotions, and everything they are. This exceptionally embracive nature is beneficial especially when dealing with my issue, because as the saying goes, Leo Tolstoy — ‘All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ everyone is upset, stressed out, angry or confused in different ways about different things, and it is impossible to tackle each problem individually. In allowing for this void, no matter what your problem is, or if you are simply bored, you

Another strategy I plan to use is to build a framework for experience, and encourage them to explore and inhabit in their own way, just like when we build pillow fortresses and blanket tents when we were kids (ie. vine on a wall). This experience has a healing and supporting effect, in the case of the Vietnam War Memorial users are healed as they walk along the long black stone carved with names, in the case of the Floating pavilion, both kids and adults find their own little fortress in the central “volcano”.

My site is yet to be defined. However, I do want the construction of my space to be simple and portable enough to be dropped in any school or public setting. I was working with the Metro-tech commons because it was adjacent to NYU Tendan and is a POP that is actually used and accessible by/to all.

My program is a chapel, but not a traditional one. I want to design a “non-religious chapel” or an “Undenominational Chapel for all religions” I am working with this program because it has been traditionally served as a space for ritual and healing. And the term ritual can be defined in many different ways by different people. If it weren’t for they way its idea is traditionally tied to a religion, more people could use it in a time of need. A similar program was observed at The Pratt Chapel, as a sign writes “This space is a non-denominational one, which means that religious symbols are only on display during religious services. At all other times, the space can be used for quiet reflection and contemplation.”

In my visit I found __(observation)__. By working with this program and site, I hope to accomplish __(objective)__ related to my idea about___(concept)__.


to be all embracive, and not a tagged “Sad house”, open, inviting, yet intimate

definite “programs” to my design:

  • a central void where users are encouraged to fill with their own experience
  • a path or structure surrounding or consisting of the void for people to explore and create new experience, in which serves as a healing process like that of children’s safe fortress
  • a programed space for regular use of chapel

construction should be simple and portable enough to be dropped in any school or public setting.


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