Writing workshop exercise and rewrite of abstract as per assignment


tell my own story of being stressed

statistic of teenage stress & depression in universities

stats on consequences such as missing class, drop out from school, self cutting, suicide

stats on similar facilities in current school campuses

stats on school counseling and nurse hours

stats on religious and church facilities on campus


history of rehab facilities

history of stress in teens

history on laws about stress and depression

history of how stress has been viewed

history of stress relieve design


psychology of teen girls cutting

psychology of teen stress and depression

how does crying help

how does therapy animal work

how does nature help

how does meditation and sitting/breathing exercises help

why does smoking help, what are the substitutes


therapy animals





PROGRAM – with supporting/updated material (image/collage/diagram/text).  Who uses this space?

Students, workers, commuters, parents and kids, dog walkers

stress is universal

rehabilitation/ sitting, thinking, meditating, crying, smoking, strolling.


SITE – with supporting/updated material.  Describe the area of your proposed site: both the building that shall contain it, and the area you intend to occupy.  Site characteristics that allow you to use this as a test for your Thesis?


Spencer Finch: Lost Man Creek

On View Oct 1, 2016 – Mar 11, 2018

Metrotech Commons





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